Vitamin K Cream Cures Many Serious Skin Problems Naturally

Vitamin K Cream

Vitamin K is useful in helping blood to clot properly through the proteins it produces, and it also has a role in health and skin appearance and is found in many skin care products.

Vitamin K is normally made in the body when we eat certain types of foods or from bacteria that reside in the intestines. You can also get Vitamin K into your system by eating dark leafy green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, collard greens or kale or by eating liver. Since Vitamin K itself is liposoluble, this means that fatty tissue in the body can store Vitamin K for future usage.

However, to get the value of using it externally, you need to use Vitamin K cream on your skin. Vitamin K is fat soluble, and that is what makes it possible for a person’s body to absorb it directly into their skin through the skin’s pores.

vitamin k creamBenefits of Vitamin K Cream

Vitamin K cream benefits include being able to be used to treat the following issues:


One of the best uses of Vitamin K cream is to help heal bruises on the skin. Bruises are caused by the blood vessels in the skin being damaged, which causes blood to pool up under the skin and cause the well-known black and blue marks that denote bruising. Applying Vitamin K cream to the bruised areas will help the skin to reabsorb the pooling blood and the bruises will then fade and heal (also read about Vitamin E benefits).

Spider or Varicose Vein Problems

Many people suffer from disfiguring spider or varicose veins on the face or legs. They may also have damaged capillaries, which are the tiny blood vessels in our skin. If they use applications of Vitamin K on these problem areas, the problem can be controlled and treated to look more normal in just a few weeks.

If someone has dark circles under the eyes caused by vein or blood vessel problems, this too can be treated with applications of Vitamin K Cream. The cream will help to make the blood vessels stronger and in time it heals and fades the darkened areas.

Vitamin K cream helps to improve valve health of blood vessels and prevents blood from becoming trapped under the skin and clotting there.

Other Abnormal Skin Issues

Some of the other abnormal skin issues that Vitamin K has been shown to help treat include minor burns, inflammation, stretch marks, redness, or even minor scars.
It is also valuable to use Vitamin K cream before and after facial surgery to prevent and treat any bruising, swelling or redness. Plastic surgeons often prescribe it to their patients for the same reasons.

It can also be used to help treat the problem of facial redness and bumping rash called rosacea that many people suffer with.
Even if the cream isn’t able to totally get rid of the problems, it can at least fade them so they are less noticeable. For best results it should be applied twice a day for several weeks.

Skin Cancer

While not fully documented, Vitamin K cream is also believed to have some anti-cancer properties, as Vitamins K2 andK3 are known to have these properties.

Stronger Bones

Some studies also support that Vitamin K cream may help make bones stronger, as sometimes a deficiency of Vitamin K is what causes weak bones in older people.

How Can I Get Vitamin K Cream?

Most compounds of Vitamin K cream don’t need a prescription from the doctor. You can get it from drug stores, pharmacies, beauty stores and online easily and it is sold in various compounds and as an ingredient in many beauty products. For best results you should buy a compound with at least one percent concentration of Vitamin K cream.

Testing Done on Vitamin K Cream

Studies using Vitamin K to treat laser induced purura, which is a problem where the skin cells start to bleed due to being aggravated by laser treatments. These treatments may leave tiny purple dots on the skin and it was testing to see if Vitamin K could help those purple dots to go away faster than regular healing. In 20 people using the Vitamin K cream, each participant had five areas of their body that underwent laser treatments.

The testing proved that Vitamin K helped the areas that had the purple dotting on them to heal faster than if they used no cream and let the area heal by itself.

Another test on Vitamin K cream involved using one percent Vitamin K cream to treat bruises that was done and the results printed in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology in Nov. 2009. The results showed that the people who used Vitamin K cream on bruises had them heal five days sooner than the people in the tests that had a bruise and didn’t use any Vitamin K cream on it.

One other test study used a slightly stronger five percent concentration of Vitamin K cream where the participants used it for two weeks two times a day after their skin was exposed to a pulsed dye laser treatment. The test showed that the side of the face treated with the Vitamin K cream heals faster than the side not treated with Vitamin K Cream. This was published in the Dermatologic Surgery journal in Dec. 1999.

Yet another test showed that Vitamin K used in a gel that also contained Vitamins E and C were used on wrinkles and under the eyes where the subjects had dark circles. More than 72 percent of the participants showed improved appearances after applying the gel for two months. These results were published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology in April 2004.

All in all, these tests and other people’s experiences show that Vitamin K cream is a valuable product and that it has many uses to help the skin and the blood vessels stay healthy and strong.