Vitamin E Oil | Learn the Potent Natural Benefits

Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E is a vitamin that is found in foods like cereal, fruit, seeds, green leafy vegetables, vegetable oils, and other products.

How is Vitamin E oil made?

Vitamin E itself comes from alpha-tocoperol. It is a powder that must be mixed with an oil carrier to make Vitamin E oil. The oil is distilled and the types of oil that may be used include corn, canola, or soy.  It is yellow in color, and can either be made into capsules or into a liquid form.

If you buy it in liquid form, then you must make sure to keep it in a cool place at temperatures between 59 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit in an airtight bottle. If you store it properly, it will stay good for up to three years. If you choose to buy the capsules, they can be broken open and used just like the liquid kind.

Vitamin E Oil CapsulesThe capsules can also be taken orally in order to get Vitamin E itself into your system. However, the oil form is not taken by mouth and is used topically. You should also speak with your doctor before using either form in case something you already are taking could interfere or react with Vitamin E or Vitamin E oil.

What benefits does Vitamin E oil have?

Vitamin E itself has antioxidant properties to help fight disease. The human body can’t make its own Vitamin E, so we need to replenish our supplies through ingesting it in one form or another.

When vitamin making companies produce it in oil form it can be used for many things. Some of these include skin care products as it helps cells to regenerate, as well as treating dry skin, reduce the signs of aging by getting rid of age spots, get rid of skin wrinkles, prevent stretch marks in pregnancy, relieve sunburn, treat cold sores, and to fade scars.

Vitamin E oil is considered the perfect beauty aid

When it comes to beauty treatments, Vitamin E oil is king. It can be used in many ways to nourish and even clean the skin. For instance, you can put a few drops onto a cloth and rub it in circles onto your face and just see the amount of dirt it picks up. You can use it no matter if you have dry, oily or regular skin.

Vitamin E Oil For Skin

It also works great as a skin moisturizer and if you apply it regularly it will keep your skin supple and soft. That is why you see it listed in many popular beauty products like lotions, or shampoos and conditioners. You also find it as a hot oil treatment for helping with dry or damaged hair. It is massaged into the scalp and thereby helps the scalp skin and the hair itself to soak it up and improve the health of both.

These are only a few of the beauty uses for Vitamin E oil that you can choose from. As mentioned earlier in the article, it is also good for getting rid of wrinkles, healing burns, and reducing scars, and old age spots.

Studies and research on Vitamin E Oil

A study in 2002 was published in the “European Journal of Dermatology” that found that a dosage of 900 international units of vitamin E was the optimum level needed to produce adequate antioxidant protection. You can buy it in many different levels of potency, so be sure to read the labels and buy the strongest one to give you the best results.

Another study done in 2008 and printed in the “Journal of Drugs in Dermatology” also acknowledged that Vitamin E oil would provide antioxidant protection and that it also helped heal wounds since it had anti-inflammatory properties.

There have also been several studies that raise doubts on Vitamin E’s ability to reduce or get rid of scars, but many dermatologists still recommend its use. One noted article written in 2007 that appeared in the New York Times spoke on this controversy.

Possible Side effects of Vitamin E Oil

 As with all products, some people may have side effects while using Vitamin E oil. Some of these include being allergic and suffering a rash, itching, hives or swelling in the lips, face or tongue.  They may also experience a burning, inflammation, or crusting in the areas they use Vitamin E oil on.

All in all, vitamin E oil is a valuable and beneficial product that is found in many different beauty products, as well as in a pure form of liquid or capsules. It has been studied and found to be good for us in many ways, especially as an antioxidant to fight free radicals and other problems. It has been touted to do everything from fight aging to help prevent wrinkles or stretch marks.

So, if you are interested in a product that can help to keep you young looking and healthy, then you should try some Vitamin E oil in your daily routine. You will find it for sale in many locations including grocery or drug stores, as well as many different websites on the Internet. Vitamin E Oil is usually not expensive and is easy to find.